Women In California Politics Foundation                                                             Monday, June 18, 2018 was our Centennial Celebration Events.

Remember this will not happen again for another 100 years.

5:00 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.  Centennial Reception, Ribbon cutting & Debut of Exhibits.        We are excited to have some of  our Women In California Politics Foundation’s Exhibits debut in the California State Library at 900 N Street on both the 1st floor entry exhibit hall and the 2nd floor circular exhibit hall. These exhibits will remain on loan for display at least until January, 2019 in Celebration of our Centennial. You will see the Olympic torch carried in the torch relay by the same amazing woman that climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. See what a voting fixture was like, that was on each legislators desks before the restoration of the Capitol and the electronic voting of today. You will see authentic clothing from 1918 era,  and see how fashion has changed through the years. You will be able to see books written by women legislators, see letters and important  papers and photographs, awards and so much more of the accomplishments of the women that were elected by the people of the state of California.   There are 8 – 10 exhibits and a pictorial time line of the elected women.  The Centennial Celebration Reception was held in the Fragrance Garden immediately to the east of the Exhibit Hall of the CA State Library.

Feel free to call Sunny Mojonnier at 916 716-9168 if you have any questions or would like to sponsor this event or an exhibit.  Thank you.

Women In California Politics Foundation & Museum (WICP100) is a non-partisan, non-profit state and federally registered 501 (c)(3) charitable organization #46-3568092.

Other Projects currently in progress are:

  • “Her Words”, is the video-recorded oral history interview of every woman that has been elected to serve in the California Legislature that is still living and able to interview. (As of end of 2017 we have conducted 21 interviews.) Videotaping of the remaining  elected members of the legislature is determined by funds raised and available.  By 2020 we hope all of the interviews will be completed.
  • “Four Before” is a live performance that will bring to life the four amazing women that were elected to serve in the California Legislature in 1918, two years before the 19th Amendment (giving women the right to vote in the U.S.), was ratified.  We are presently looking for an anchor sponsor for this unlimited potential project.  Sixteen months of research has provided a rich accounting of exact quotes from each of these four women which illuminates their dedication, intelligence, breadth of knowledge, personality and passion.
  • Exhibit preparation is underway on all of the hundreds of items available for display in the Museum. We are in search of sponsors for these exhibits. If there is a particular retired elected woman’s exhibit that you would like to sponsor or support please let us know.  Presently we are looking for sponsors for following exhibits: the Honorable Leona Egeland #15, the Honorable Marian Bergeson #21, the Honorable Rebecca Morgan #32, the Honorable Tricia Hunter #38 and the Honorable Sunny Mojonnier #30.  These exhibits will showcase each woman’s memorabilia, campaign items & signs, photographs, letters, plaques, newspapers and whatever each woman has provided  (including clothing, such as the first pant suit worn on the Senate floor, which commanded 2 weeks of newspaper headlines) to make her exhibit as robust as possible and to tell the story of who they were and what they accomplished. From June, 2018 until at least December, 2018 some of the exhibits will be on loan to the California State Library (1st and 2nd floor gallery) at 900 N Street, Sacramento.
  • Following our Centennial we will begin video-recorded oral histories of female Constitutional Officers, female Congressional Members and U. S. Senators, California’s First Ladies and female Supreme Court Justices* determined by funds raised. And perhaps in the not to distant future we will be ready to prepare for an exhibit and videorecording of our first female Governor. (2018?)
  • Fundraising is underway to successfully produce an extraordinary Centennial Celebration event for June 18, 2018 and then in 2019 we will begin fundraising to secure a permanent location for the  WOMEN IN CALIFORNIA POLITICS FOUNDATION MUSEUM & LIBRARY.

Thank you for your interest. We value your input. Please contact our founder & CEO Sunny Mojonnier #30 with your suggestions at 916 716-9168.  We look forward to working with you and we know that you will be proud of supporting the mission of our Foundation, Museum & Library.

Women In California Politics Foundation & Museum (WICP100) is a non-partisan, non-profit state & federally registered charitable organization  #46-3568092.