“HER WORDS”, is our women’s oral history project. Women In California Politics Foundation is producing individual video-recorded oral histories that capture the personality, enthusiasm, passion and commitment of the women who blazed new trails in our state. Unlike reading the pages of a book, you hear their voice, you see the twinkle in their eyes when they recall a funny story and you experience the passion they felt when they put policy over politics to accomplish something extraordinary as they were paving the way and opening doors for the women that followed them.

Did you know that each woman elected to the Legislature has a number in order of their election (just like U.S. Presidents)? Do you know how many women have served in the California Legislature since 1918 when the first 4 were elected? Do you know how many of the retired women (still with us) are in their 90’s? Or their 80’s? Did you know that Women In California Politics Foundation & Museum (WICP100) has been recognized as having the largest collection of history, memorabilia and video-recorded oral histories of the women that have been elected to serve in the California Legislature.

A Valuable Resource for Preserving Political History
This collection of videos will serve as a valuable tool and resource to educate, empower and inspire present and future generations. The initial videos will focus on the alumni state legislators that are still with us and will preserve each woman’s story, in her own words.

A Teaching Tool
Our video-recorded oral histories document how and why these women came to be involved in politics. We will preserve these stories so that this rich history will not ever be lost. The videos will also be available to serve as a valuable teaching tool in women’s studies courses in universities and other educational institutes, as well as some will be featured at the California State Library.

How can you be involved in this?  You may be a “Her Words” Centennial Producer by sponsoring an individual legislator’s video-recorded interview. For information call Sunny Mojonnier at 916 716-9168.