Elected to Serve in the California Legislature


We celebrated 100 YEARS of WOMEN elected to the California Legislature!

Our very successful CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION was June 18, 2018.

Centennial Celebration Co-Chairs;
The Honorable Leona Egeland #15, The Honorable Carol Hallett #17, The Honorable Gwen Moore #22, The Honorable Jean Moorhead Duffy #23, The Honorable Sally Tanner #24, The Honorable Diane Watson #25, The Honorable Marion La Follette #26, The Honorable Sunny Mojonnier #30, The Honorable Gloria Molina #31, The Honorable Becky Morgan #32, The Honorable Delaine Eastin #33,  The Honorable Bev Hansen #34, The Honorable Carol Bentley #37, The Honorable Tricia Hunter #38,  The Honorable Dede Alpert #39, The Honorable Andrea Seastrand #43, The Honorable Valerie Brown #48,  The Honorable Martha Escutia #49,  The Honorable Kathleen Honeycutt #50, The Honorable Betty Karnette #51,  The Honorable Hilda Solis #56, The Honorable Denise Moreno Ducheny #58,  The Honorable Sheila Kuehl #62,  The Honorable Dion Aroner #66,  The Honorable Lynn Leach #68, The Honorable Charlene Zettel #79,  The Honorable Jackie Goldberg # 84, The Honorable Christine Kehoe #85, The Honorable Carol Liu # 86, The Honorable Patty Berg #92, The Honorable Connie Conway #116, The Honorable Nancy Skinner #120 welcomed all to this historic occasion.

The purpose of our Centennial Celebration was to preserve the political record of the women of the California Legislature, by celebrating their personal political stories behind their public political history.

Our mission is to educate people about the  history and critical role women have played in shaping the political landscape of California over the past 100 years.

Our vision was to create a spectacular multi-event celebration to debut the exhibits featuring and presenting the living history and/or re-creation of the first 100 years of women elected to serve in the California Legislature.

We welcome your interest, if you’d like to be involved in future  momentous events please contact us at sunny@wicp100.org.  Let us know what role you would like to play.

Women In California Politics Foundation & Museum (WICP100) is a non-partisan, non-profit state and federally registered charitable organization      #46-3568092.