Do you know in what year women in California received the right to vote?

Answer: Women in California received the right to vote in 1911. This was 9 years before the 19th Amendment was passed giving women in the rest of the country the right to vote.

Do you know in what year the first woman was elected to the California Legislature?

Answer: The first year that women were elected to serve in the California legislature was 1918. Four women were elected in 1918.

How many women have ever served in the CA State Legislature?

Answer: From January 1919 when the first four women were sworn into office, until January 1, 2024, out of the 4,444+ individuals elected to serve in the California legislature only 192 have been female.

Each of the elected women has a number just as the U. S Presidents do…….

Example: Our Founder The Honorable Sunny Mojonnier was the 30th women ever elected to the CA Legislature so her name often appears as The Honorable Sunny Mojonnier #30.

In what year was the bipartisan Women’s Caucus recognized by the Joint Rules Committee of the Legislature?

Answer: 1985

Who was elected as the first chairwoman of the newly formed Women’s Caucus?

Answer: The Honorable Teresa Hughes

Who were the original members of the Women’s Caucus in 1985?

Answer: Hon. Doris Allen (#28), Hon. Marian Bergeson (#21), Hon. Teresa Hughes (#16), Hon. Lucy Killea (#29), Hon. Marion La Follette (#26) , Hon. Sunny Mojonnier (#30), Hon. Gloria Molina (#31), Hon. Gwen Moore (#22), Hon. Jean Moorhead (Duffy) (#23), Hon. Sally Tanner (#24), Hon. Rose Ann Vuich (#19), Hon. Maxine Waters (#20), Hon. Diane Watson (#25), and the Hon. Cathie Wright (#27).

Do you know who is the oldest living woman presently living, elected to the CA Legislature?

Answer: The Honorable Marion La Follette (#26) is 96. (as of 3/31/22)

Who was the youngest women ever elected at the time of her election?

Answer: The youngest women ever elected was The Honorable Esto B. Broughton #1. She was 26 years old at the time of her election in 1918.

Do you know what is the official flower of Women In California Politics Foundation & Museum?

Answer: The light purple “Forget-Me-Not” flower was adopted in 2014 to represent WICP. There is always “Forget-Me-Nots” at the museum, but you’ll have to look for them.

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