We are only as good as the dedicated and passionate people that handle all the details, making all of this possible. We are so grateful for everything that each of them contributes to WICP.

  • Honorable Sunny Mojonnier #30, Founder, Historian & Curator
  • Alex Vassar, Historian
  • Preet Didbal, Director of Education
  • Nancy Sullivan, Director of Research
  • Jackie Cotter, Research Project Manager
  • Melissa A. Mojonnier, Contracts Specialist
  • Roberta Mendonca, Attorney (Copyrights/Trademarks)
  • Marc Mojonnier, Graphic Design & Videography
  • Mike Young, Centennial Photographer
  • Lorie Shelley, Centennial Photographer
  • Scale Infotech, Website Management
  • Jenifer Mojonnier, Exhibit Design

Our Advisors Are:

  • Avanti Ramraj – Youth Advisor
  • Kimberly Song – Youth Advisor

Thank you to our sponsors and donors.             Thank you to our virtual tour sponsor HSB Solutions.