Mission and Vision


Some of the greatest moments in California’s history were created by the courageous women that stepped out of traditional roles to become elected public servants and shape the future of California politics. The legacy of these strong women will endure through Women In California Politics (WICP) and will inspire future generations.

WICP is proud to have been recognized as having the largest collection of historical information and video recorded oral histories of the women that have served in the California legislature.


The mission of Women In California Politics is to educate, empower and inspire future generations to foster the spirit of public service and encourage community involvement.


The vision of Women In California Politics is to accomplish our mission by preserving the political history of the women elected to serve in the California legislature by:

  • Producing and collecting video recorded oral histories to provide education and historic preservation.
  • Opening a museum to educate the public on the impact that female legislators have made in California throughout the State’s history. On display will be multiple collections and thousands of historical items such as: photos, plaques, letters with original signatures, books, awards and specific clothing items that are newsworthy.

Women In California Politics is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization “46-3568092.

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